Korea is at a crossroad. Korean society has enjoyed decades of prosperity and caught up with advanced countries in terms of economic power. However, during the course, economic gaps between social strata has been widened and have played the role of rattling social stability. At the same time, people’s consciousness of civil and human rights have increased tremendously but that of government institutions and social establishments lagged it far behind. All these are causing frictions in Korean society. In this blog post, original articles or translations of news articles that sit at interesting coordinates of social webs will be posted to be used for reference purposes or helpful background materials.



  1. Thank you for your commitment to sharing my country Korean story with the people around the world. I really appreciate it. This blog is a good friend of them as well as Koreans at crossroads!

  2. Hi,,
    I’ve found your blog when I was searching for Inhwa School.
    That’s why I start digging stories on your blog. Such a nice blog to me, when someone like you shows Korean’s society from another perspective.
    I always wonder about Korean society itself, the news on some popular blogs always show us about how great Korea is from the perspective of fan girls/boys.


  3. Korea and US are good friends, but that doesn’t mean that Korea should be US bitches. Too much of Korean society is being shaped and influenced by US politics and influence. US will make Korea feel guilty and feel like racist country if Korea doesn’t embrace multiculturalism like US does. Most of the reason why I see Korean society trying to embrace multiracial/multiculturalism is because of what US tells them….Korea is not another US state! They will continue to use the excuse of N. Korea threat, China threat, to build more US military camps, towns, and cities in Korea.

  4. I’m an independent political analyst and I find your blog very useful in getting under reported stories about Korea. Have a look at my work:


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