Spraying On Injuries That Require Operation, That’s Abnormal

> Disclaimer: The following is a totally unauthoritative personal translation of an article appeared in <CBS NocutNews, "Reporter Note" by Sang-Wook Byeon> under the Korean title ‘수술할 상처에 파스 바르는 것이 비정상‘ on Mar. 11, 2014, commenting on .. All rights regarding this post stay with the author(s) of the original article or with <CBS NocutNews> and this post will be scrapped immediately at their request. In the post, I tried to match the English translation of names of people / institution(s) / position(s) to authentic one(s) as much as possible but, unfortunately, some of them still can be different. Original article of this post (in Korean) can be found in the link above.

CBS NocutNews Sang-Wook Byeon CBS노컷뉴스 변상욱 대기자

*Senior Reporter Sang-Wook Byeon’s ‘Reporter Note’ delivers sharp criticisms to things unjust.*

At Presidential senior staff meeting in March 10th morning, president Geun-hye Park expressed her concerns and asked thorough investigation on NIA’s evidence fabrication suspicion on Seoul city employee spy case.

It is not hard to figure out what made her break her silence on the NIA evidence fabrication case for the first time. Suspicion on NIA, rather than being cleared away, is piling up and people’s suspicion is growing bigger and bigger as time goes by. Remained unchecked, public trust on prosecution will be rattled immensely and her political card of public security may not work any more.

Besides, two so-far lethargic opposition forces banded together to make a new party at a time when the regional election is approaching. For ruling party, something had to be done on this matter quickly. Regarding political time frame, president Park cannot ask more. Former president Lee, blundering the regional election at his early presidency of low approval rate and again the general election soon afterward, had to experience early lame duck. But president Park will go through the regional election at her early presidency of peak approval rate. The general election is near the end of her presidency. If she passes the regional election without much trouble, her presidency will go silk-smooth. In this respect, NIA’s fraud and its aftermass should not be left unchecked. Furthermore, although the spy case happened at former Myung-bak Lee’s government, the evidence fabrication happened at her presidency and she could have thought that she could not simply put aside of it altogether.

The first eivdence fabrication case involving our government was the "Neung-jin Choi case". Neung-jin Choi, with Chang-ho Ahn, participated in the liberation movement. He was prosecuted by the Japanese police and imprisoned for 2 years for that. After liberation, he entered into the police and acted as the Pyeong-nam area Director of National Police of Preparation Board. Then, he crossed over to South Korea to escape from Soviet force and Il-sung Kim and took the Chief of Investigation, Seoul regional police of US Military Government. But he was kicked out of it while demanding eradication of pro-Japan corruption at the sight of rampant former pro-Japanese employees.

Denouncing Syngman Rhee, Neung-jin Choi ran for the National Assembly against Rhee at Dongdae-mun A constituency at the general election held on May 10, 1948. But the pro-Japanese police pressed his recommenders and obtained false testimonies that ‘recommendation stamps were affixed on the document although they never did.’ Then, they invalidated his candidacy. Later, Syngman Rhee’s regime put him in prison for five year over a fabricated case alleging that he organized a revolutionary army within National Military and attempted a coup. During the Korean War, they branded him as an enemy collaborator for his anti-war peace movement and sentenced him to death using fabricated evidences. He was soon executed. All of these were masterminded by people like Chang-ryong Kim, former Japanese Kwantung Army military police officer. In September 2009, Truth and Reconciliation Commission concluded his execution illegitimate.

**Putting a bandage to an injury demanding operation, is that all?**

President Geun-hye Park emphasized in a strong voice that ‘Find out the truth first. Appropriate measures will be taken to any wrong-doings then.’ The prosecution sized and searched the NIA. But the fact finding and prosecuting those responsible does not look straightforward. Let’s see president Park’s comments again.

“I am deeply concerned of the evidence tampering suspicion on Seoul city employee spy case. Factual truth of this matter should be uncovered as soon as possible and should not leave any people’s suspicion behind. The prosecution should investigate this matter thoroughly and NIA should cooperate with them wholeheartedly. Any wrong-doings will be dealt with appropriate measures.”

I need to make sure one thing. Evidence fabrication and spy fabrication are two diametrically different things. ‘They tried to create an unfounded spy case’ and ‘they tried to fabricate an evidence to make sure a spy would not escape prosecution’ are completely different from the start. Above all, it is important that frauds and suspicions during the last presidential election, NIA’s illegal interference with the election and National Assembly’s inquiry on it and National Assembly special commission for it were never mentioned. Even the opposition party shifts its focus on evidence fabrication. It makes me really hard how much I should trust them. The disgrace and corruption of national intelligence office that even stepped into presidential election is a matter that requires substantial emergency operation.

That day, president Park also said “We should consider unnecessary regulations as our enemies to destroy or a bunch of tumors that make us die unless we remove them. We should focus all our powers to root them out, not to just scratch the surface of them.” She also emphasised “What is going on with information security in an IT powerhouse country. How can we expect that information would be secure without investment."

That’s it. This is a matter of grade different from the private information hacking; it is a grave matter that a government office shook our national democracy and national integrity. We can’t get away with it by just spraying on it; it is a situation that requires a huge emergency operation. Unless a series of things involving NIA are to be brought into broad daylight, the quip of president Park, “normalising abnormality”, would become abnormal by itself.

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