Transparency International Korea, “President MB swept top 5 of corruption news 2012”

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Transparency International Korea, "President MB swept top 5 of corruption news 2012"

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Disclaimer: The following is a totally unauthoritative personal translation of an article appeared in <Hankyoreh> on Dec. 31, 2012, reporting ‘corruption news 2012’ by Transparency International Korea. All rights regarding this post stay with the author(s) of the original article or with <Hankyoreh> and this post will be scrapped immediately at their request. In the post, I tried to match the English translation of names of people / institution(s) / position(s) to authentic one(s) as much as possible but, unfortunately, some of them still can be different. Original article of this post (in Korean) can be found in the link.

President Myung-bak Lee swept top 1 ~ 5 of ‘corruption news 2012’ by NGO Transparency International Korea.

Transparency International Korea announced on Dec. 31 that ‘arrest of former representative Sang-deuk Lee, older brother of president Myung-bak Lee, for corruption charges’ was the top corruption news of 2012. ‘61% hike of government official’s corruption during 4 years of Myung-bak Lee’s presidency’ and ‘sweeping civilian monitoring of politicians/businessmen/media persons/civil society members by prime minister’s office’ ranked top 2 and 3.

These stories were followed by ‘arrest of Si-joong Choi, known as the president Lee’s mentor, for bribery’ (rank 4) and ‘preferential treatment suspicion on subway line 9 operator by Myung-bak Lee, then mayor of Seoul’ (ranks 5), completing president Lee’s full sweep of all top 5 corruption news by the organization.

Geo-seong Kim, the head of Transparency International Korea, said "Taking this regrettable results as a poignant lesson, new Geun-hye Park’s government should beef up efforts to make transparent society. Reviving transparent society pact that suspended during Myung-bak Lee’s presidency might be a good start."

As anti-corruption news, ‘court’s sentence to block induction of bribery convict’s induction to 4/19 national cemetery’, ‘Seoul city implemented transparent administration by opening all meeting records’, ‘Seoul city will seek responsibility to organizations that make shoddy prediction of future traffic demand for all privately funded construction projects’ were selected.

This survey was conducted during Dec.27 ~ Dec.30 by letting 295 Transparency International Korea officials and members and website visitors to choose significance scores of news reported during 2012.

Ji-won Um 엄지원 기자 umkija


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