Blue House forced them to keep quiet on monetary transactions in DDoS attack case

Disclaimer: The following is a totally unauthoritative personal translation of an article appeared in <The Hankyoreh> on December 17, 2011, reporting a possible direct intervention of Blue House to the police investigation of DDoS cyberattack on October 26 at CEMC website. If the story turns out to be true, then it can cause huge ramifications in Korean political fabric. The well-known April 19 1960 revolution started as the public resisted against election fraud on March 15 1960 presidential and vice-presidential elections. It is noted that the current report is an abridged version of the full article which will appear in print version of weekly journal <Hankyoreh 21>, a sibling journal of newspaper <The Hankyoreh> in full. All rights regarding this post stay with the author of the original article or with <The Hankyoreh> and it will be scrapped immediately with their request accordingly. Original article of this post (in Korean) can be found in the link at the bottom.

[Hankyoreh21 exclusive] “Blue House forced them to keep quiet on monetary transactions in DDoS attack case”

<Hankyoreh21> (No 891), High ranking inspection authority official noted

Blue House Secretariats pressed police top brass to keep quiet over the hot line

» National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center. A detective passes by the plaque in Dec. 8 afternoon. Kim Tae-hyung 김태형 (

It is revealed that Blue House pressed police during the investigation of DDoS attack at Central Election Management Commission (CEMC) website on the day of Oct. 26 Seoul mayoral by-election to cover up important facts. Circumstances indicate that Blue House, in particular, forced police not to reveal certain facts like a Blue House executive official Park (38) had had drinks with those involved in the DDoS attack in the eve evening of the election and there have been paid monetary transactions between Grand National Party (GNP) officials and hackers. The revelation is expected to cause huge ripples in the future since it indicates circumstances of organized engagement by Blue House in the course of police investigation of the DDoS attack case at CEMC website.

A high ranking official in inspection authority said “Since the arrest of an aide of GNP Rep. Choi Goo-sik, Gong (27), early December, police top brass and Blue House communicated with each other tightly and determined the wordings of police announcement. In due course, they decided not to reveal two facts beforehand; a Blue House executive official was with the DDoS perpetrators when they were drinking while possibly discussing the attack and the details of monetary transactions in relation to the DDoS attack.”

Police, following the agreement, intended to make an announce on the investigation on Dec.9, but had to modify some parts of the announcement since a media exposed on Dec.8 the fact that a Blue House executive official was with the DDoS attack perpetrators drinking in the eve of election. Because of that, police confirmed the Blue House executive official’s drinking with DDoS perpetrators on Dec.9 investigation announcement but did not reveal the monetary transactions between GNP officials and hackers. The facts regarding monetary transactions between DDoS attack perpetrators were exposed by the exclusive internet news report by <Hankyoreh21> in last 14th morning and police acknowledged them in a press conference that day morning. It turns out that two important facts Blue House and police wanted to hide were eventually uncovered by media.

Concerning the prearrangement between police top brass and Blue House, the inspection authority official explained “it all started full-scale from a phone call by the Blue House public security secretary to a police top official on Dec.1 complaining ‘I can’t make it. You are not hand in glove with us’. Blue House got panicked when Gong’s identity was disclosed to the public without consulting to Blue House as an aide of a GNP representative and the Blue House counterpart of the hot line was upgraded from secretary level to chief secretary level for fear of further unpredictable actions from the police.” This remark fits well with claims of DP. Rep. Park Young-sun, chairperson of policy committee DP, claimed “police investigation announcement of DDoS attack case (on Dec.9) was doctored at Cho Hyeon-o commissioner’s office.” Another Rep. of DP said “Cho Hyeon-o commissioner objected to the release of bank account related information.”

The time point when Blue House started to intervene police investigation in full-scale is known to be the moment when police noticed Blue House executive official Park had had lunch with Kim, an aide of National Assembly chairman Park Hui-tae, and put him on the line of investigation. The fact that police started to track down the bank accounts on Dec.4 and caught clues of monetary transactions involving GNP officials also seems to be the cause of Blue House’s direct intervention. It seems to be the Blue House’s reaction to the police’s dragnet narrowing down to Blue House and GNP.

It is known, of course, that police investigation team vehemently demanded to release everything including monetary transactions to public. But they could not resist the top brass’s will. The official of inspection authority said “there is no ranking police official who can reverse the decision that was prearranged with Blue House.”

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