Inhwa school … “we will donate our property” … another tricky gambit?

Disclaimer: The following is a totally unauthoritative personal translation of an article appeared in <The Kyunghyang Shinmun> on November 11, 2011, possibly a final move by the Inhwa school foundation to save its property in the aftermaths of national anger erupted by the movie ‘Dogani’ that realistically depicted the sexual violence to hearing-impaired young students by many Inhaw school teachers. All rights of this post stay with the author of original article or <The Kyunghyang Shinmun> and this post will be scrapped at their requests immediately. Original article of this post (in Korean) can be located by the link at the bottom.

Inhaw school … “we will donate our property” … possibly a tricky gambit to avoid reversion of their property to Gwangju city

광주 | 배명재 기자

The social welfare foundation Woosuk who caused national anger from sexual violence against disabled young students announced their intention to donate their basic property to another social welfare foundation. However, Woosuk’s decision to donate its property is causing another controversy since it is widely seen as an expedient to avoid a situation where all of their properties will be reverted to Gwangju city by a decision, scheduled on November 14, to revoke Woosuk foundations’s license as a social welfare body.

Woosuck, in a reply to Gwangju city’s ‘request of attendance at city-sponsored investigative hearing’, revealed that “Woosuk will donate its total property, amounting to 5.7B KRW (5M USD), to catholic Gwangju social welfare foundation and dissolve itself.” Woosuk also said “we hope that administrative bodies and catholic Gwangju archdiocese accept our decision as fast as possible, which will clear all future exhaustive controversies and shocks.”

Some of public opinions consider Woosuk’s decision as a tricky gambit since it contains Woosuk’s expectation that, if things go on as expected, it will get rid of all necessary legal reactions against Gwangju city’s ‘property sellout approval’, making it possible to avoid social criticisms that tag along with it and certain property rights will also be guaranteed as well.

Gwangju city decided to determine the property disposition order issue by holding a joint meeting with civil organizations such as Inhwa school measures committee and education authority.

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