Mom would not wake up .. death of a former Ssangyong Motors worker’s wife

Disclaimer: The following is a totally unauthoritative personal translation of an article appeared in the online media, <OhmyNews> on November 11, 2011, covering a tragic death of a former Ssangyong Motors union member’s wife due to hardships following the layoff. All rights regarding this post rest on the author of the original article or <OhmyNews>. This post will be scrapped immediately at their request accordingly. Original article (in Korean) of this article can be located by the link at the bottom.

“Mom who would not wake up … How scared her two kids would have been”

Wife of a voluntarily retired Ssangyong Motors worker committed a suicide … 19th victim

11.11.11 12:35 ㅣ최종 업데이트 11.11.11 12:43
홍현진 (hong698)

The day Jin-suk Kim, a member of director committee Korea Confederation of Trades Union (KCTU), came down from the 35m high crane after 309 days, another family of Ssangyong Motors worker was found dead. 19th time already. This time, it was the wife of a voluntarily retired worker. During the last two months, two current workers and one voluntarily retired former worker of Ssangyong Motors killed themselves.

According to Korea Metal Workers’ Union (KMWU) Ssangyong Motors branch, Ms. Oh, wife of a voluntarily retired former union worker Mr. Cha, was found dead on November 10. In the year 2009, union member Mr. Cha who worked in the tire shop of painting team 1 of Ssangyong Motors Pyoungtaek factory was enlisted in the potential layoff list and participated in the 77-day-long lock-up protest until the end. He then applied for the voluntary retirement.

After the voluntary retirement, Mr. Cha’s family who suffered hardships like other Ssangyong Motors former union members left Pyoungtaek and moved to Wonju, Gangwon-do. But, Mr. Cha worked in Cheonan, Chungnam, as a daily laborer and visited Wonju once or twice a month.

According to the depositions by the elementary school 6th grade daughter and 6-year-old son, Mr. Cha’s wife Ms. Yoon died early morning on November 8. Children tried to contact their father seeing their mom not waking up but succeeded in two days due to the malfunction of their father’s phone. At this, Ssangyong Motors union lamented, in a press release, “how scary those two poor children would have been for two days seeing their mom not waking up when they tried to wake her up”.

Now, body of the dead still lies in Bundang Cha hospital. Exact cause of death is still to be confirmed. The coffin will leave the hospital on November 12.

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