Symbolic 276 Korean film professionals, “Crane 85 scene is the best movie”

Disclaimer: The following is a totally unauthoritative personal translation of an article appeared in a Korean daily, Pressian, on October 4, 2011, about Korean film professionals’ announcement in support of Hope Bus Ride event scheduled during October 8-9, 2011. By that day, Jin-suk Kim will have been staging high-rise crane protest for 276 days and final 3 defenders will have been staging support protest for 104 days. And still, no one is sure how the whole thing will end. Busan International Film Festival can be another turning event in this sense because it can spread the lonely struggle all over the world, pushing Korean government and the company to get involved proactively for peaceful resolution of the issue. The original article can be located in the link at the bottom. Since this is a personal translation, all rights stay with the author of the original article and Pressian. As such, this post will be scrapped by their request accordingly.

To commemorate day 276 of Jin-suk Kim’s high rise crane protest … “We will visit Jin-suk Kim during BIFF”

“We can see Jin-suk Kim only at extreme low angles. Now, we hope to see her at eye-level angles on the same ground. We look forward to watching a happy-ending story in which she steps down the stairs and stands on the ground in full bright smile more than any other movie. (director Soon-rye Lim)

Korean film professionals stood by the ‘5th Hope Bus’ event that requests the withdrawal of massive layoff. It was a backfire against Busan city authority which had expressed its opposition to 5th Hope Bus event on the ground that “its timing would overlap that of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).”

Korean film professionals including Gyoon-dong Yeo (director), Bong-hak Maeng (actor), Byoung-gil Kwon (actor) announced “We would like to watch movies with Jin-suk Kim on crane 85. We 276 film professionals who have been waiting for BIFF and Hope Bus eagerly will visit Busan to meet Ms. Kim” at a press conference held on October 4 in front of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Gwanghwamun, Seoul.

Director Gyoon-dong Yeo said “Coming October 8 is day 276 since Jin-suk Kim, a member of director committee of Korea Confederation of Trades Union, Busan Branch, climbed crane 85 and we wanted to gather 276 people to match it. We worried we might not be able to gather that many since we didn’t have enough time but actually 1543 people participates in this.”

Director Gwang-soo Kim Cho remarked “BIFF and Hope Bus are not something alien that cannot go hand in hand with each other.” He continued, “BIFF is not a festival for film professionals only; rather, it is a festival that should be shared with all of our people. As world 3 major film festivals go hand in hand with their own people’s interests, we (film professionals) will stand side by side with Jin-suk Kim.”

Director Sungmi Park noted, “Movies continue to talk about wounds of the weak and injustice of society because senses of beauty and touch do not come from power or exploitation.” Director Park claimed, “There are realities more dramatic than movies themselves. Director member Jin-suk Kim who climbed the crane is not an actress. She’s a real live person. To write better scenarios, we film professionals should stand up.”

Sang-hoon Sohn who studies cinema at Chungang University said “Thousands of students who study cinema will visit Busan from all over Korea during BIFF. Busan city and pro-government organizations say BIFF will be hampered by Hope Bus event but we future film people will chew over what we need to put into our movies through Hope Bus.”

Film professionals at press conference claimed “Painful scenes unrolling on crane 85 are the best movie that will be played in BIFF. People from all over the world will watch them and relay the story of hope to their own people and will come back to Busan one year later with movies full of hope again.”

They plan to visit crane 85 of Youngdo shipyard, Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction (HHIC), at 5PM October 8 where Jin-suk Kim will have been protesting on and to show their support for her. At 7PM October 9, they will open a booth at Haewoondae beach for HHIC laid-off workers and Gangjung village and hold a festival there.

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  1. I live in Busan, but i don’t speak korean (yet) I am looking for social justice movements to connect with #occupywallstreet #ows #occupytogether. do you know of any? please see

    1. Unfortunately, mainstream media is broken in Korea and you may not be able to find any such local movements on them. To Koreans, SNS has been the major source of such information already. It is unfortunate you cannot speak Korean. But, since you live in Busan, the Hope Bus Ride event supposed to take place during this weekend in Haewoondae beach or in Youngdo where Hanjin shipyard is will be a good chance to start with I guess. One thing to note here is that Korean movements have not directed to banking or financial institutions yet contrary to #OWS movement in US. Rather, the Hope Bus Ride event has centered around layoff and lack of proper social security net in Korea. This is all the more so since many Korean companies are trying to relocate their construction facilities abroad for cost reduction purposes, which aggravates layoff problems locally.

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