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Daechoo-ri Incident

Disclaimer: The following is an unauthoritative totally personal translation of an Wikipedia article (in Korean) on ‘Daechoo-ri Incident’ which sheds very informative light on things going on in Gangjung village, Jeju-do (island) now regarding the construction of naval base in terms of attitudes shown by military (and government in general) as well as the way […]

Flowers bloom at every border. [Photo essay by director Cho]

Disclaimer: The following is a totally unauthoritative personal translation of a beautiful photo essay by a documentary director Seong-bong Cho for the purpose of showing the beauty of Gangjung village (and Jeju-do (island) in general) and of asking you to participate in the movement against naval base construction at this peaceful, beautiful place. Since this […]

Poi-dong, a gloomy shantytown, Part 1

Disclaimer: The following is a totally personal unauthoritative English translation of an article appeared at one of  South Korean progressive online media, Pressian, in Sep. 6, 2011. As such, the post can be scrapped away immediately by the request of its original author or ‘Pressian’. The article was the first of three-piece series that touches the issue of inner city […]

Summary of official investigation on Jeju April 3 incident

Disclaimer: Followings are textual contents of images of the summary of The Official Investigation on Jeju April 3 Incident final report conclusion by The National Committee for Investigation of the Truth about the Jeju April 3 Incident and the apology statement by then (October 2003) president Roh Moo-hyun following the recommendations from the committee. As remarked […]

“Jeju longs for peace”

Disclaimer: The following is a totally personal unauthoritative translation of a gallery report of 1 night & 2 days of ‘Peace Plane’ event that took place during Sep. 3 – 4 at Gangjung village, Seogwipo, Jeju, South Korea. The event marks another critical corner stone of a civil action movement against construction plan of the naval […]