70 Citizens stood guard of crane 85 and Jin-Suk Kim

The following is an unauthoritative personal translation of an article appeared in <The Hankyoreh> Jul. 17, 2011. As such, current article will be removed immediately with the request of the owner of the original article or <The Hankyoreh>. The original article (in Korean) can be reached by the link at the bottom.

To her “They may move in Sunday morning” SOS twit, citizens responded.

Kim twitted afterwards,”Succession of intense moments .. teary morning to see you all.”

“Would you come?” she asked. Citizens rushed in with their own mats. And they stayed with her all night.

It’s 1 week since 2nd hope bus riders went back. Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction (HHIC) cleared all stuffs below crane 85. It also fixed broken crane 84 that shares the same rail with crane 85. It already finished trial operations of it.

Sungho Park, a laid-off union member of HHIC who stays on crane 85 middle deck as a final defender, worried on a phone call with <The Hankyoreh>. “Since crane 84 started to move, we are on full alert. They installed 6 PA speakers and prepared thick iron ropes to tie two cranes together. When they start suppression, I guess they may try to pull Kim down first.” Insu Kim, deputy leader of layoff annulment struggle committee, expressed his sorry “all union workers can do is to shout from outside of shipyard walls.”

“They may move in either Saturday or Sunday early morning. Please come to Youngdo shipyard.”

Jin-Suk Kim who had been living on crane 85 over 190 days sent out an SOS twit last Friday. Unable to ignore an SOS call from the ‘salt flower’, people from all over Korea like Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu, Pohang rushed in. This whole weekend, the sidewalk across HHIC Youngdo shipyard is occupied by these about 70 ‘Youngdo homelesses’.

“I intensionally took the Mugunghwa train since I need to defend sister Jin-Suk all night long. I had fast asleep on the train and I’m ready now.” said Mijeong Lee (Nowon-gu Seoul, office worker) to a question whether she was not sleepy. “I’m ready for sleeping on the street” she smiled. She also added she had washed herself off at Busan station. Miran Yoon (Yeonsan-dong Yeonje-gu Busan, housewife) said “I want to prove that there are Busan people who want to guard Jin-Suk Kim.” She stayed all the while though she needed to change 3 buses to get to her home saying that “If I miss the last bus, I will take the first one.” One man from Daegu were busy delivering tray-ful slices of watermelons to fellow accidental homelesses.

Except for one moment when all lights were turned on ablaze around 2AM, it was a night without any incident. Crane 84 stationed near seaside all night long and never moved. When sun rose early Sunday morning, half-slept people scattered one-by-one to places where they could wash their faces and brush their teeth. Kim expressed her sincere appreciation to all ‘Youngdo homelesses’ over her twitter message.

“I only assume I sweat some over the reeking sour smell every night. It was a succession of intense moments. Today, I can feel the heat. I owe you everything. A teary morning to see you all sleeping on the sidewalk.”

“What would do if you see another SOS twit from the ‘salt flower’?” I asked Juhyeon Kim (31, office worker) who was heading to parking garage restroom to wash his face. He came down alone by a night train as soon as his weekend job was canceled. “Of course I will come again, with a mat.” He replied a cool answer.

  • image caption: Jin-Suk Kim, a member of the Direction Committee for the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, who has been protesting on a high-rise crane over 190 days waves to people below. Photo by Seunghwa Park (Hankyoreh 21).
  • You can see the original article here: http://www.hani.co.kr/arti/society/labor/487742.html

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