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Gangjung timeline (6/8)

The following is a brief timeline of naval base construction at Gangjung village, Jeju-do (island), South Korea until June 8, 2011 prepared by People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy.  Events happened after June 8, 2011 will be supplemented soon. This timeline is prepared to deliver background information why villagers protest so vehemently about the whole construction […]

‘Hope bus’ brings the hopes of our society & our church!

The following is an unauthoritative personal translation of a statement released by the Catholic Priests Association for Justice in Jul. 25 in support of struggles by the laid-off union workers of Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction (HHIC) and efforts by ‘hope bus’ riders. The Catholic Priests Association for Justice has played pivotal roles in countless […]

Hefty 280M KRW (265K USD) damage lawsuit … Villagers feel suicidal

The following is an unauthoritative personal translation of an article appeared in “OhmyNews” Jul. 19 to describe personal opinions of Dong-Kyun Kang, the head of Gangjung village which is at the center of international controversy regarding naval base to be constructed there. This translation is to deliver the situations of Gangjung village from the perspective of […]

Hung at crane 85, how will the Hanjin incident end?

The following is an unauthoritative personal translation of a news article appeared on a progressive online media “Pressian” in Jul. 24. It is an article with a gallery of images capturing some critical moments of Hanjin incident and the struggle of Jin-Suk Kim during her 200 days of crane-top protest. This post will be removed […]


South Korean Navy has been pushing forward a plan to construct a naval base in a southern-most beautiful island of Jeju, specifically a village called Gangjung, but, due to several entangled reasons, Gangjung villagers vehemently objected to the plan and have been protesting it for 4 years now. Many foreign scholars indicated that naval base […]

Unsung heroes of Hanjin. Stories of final 4 defenders on crane 85.

On crane 85 of Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction (HHIC) are final 4 defenders in the middle deck other than Jin-Suk Kim on the top. Although they are the same laid-off union members, their stories are mostly unknown masked by the heroic struggles of Ms. Kim herself. Even the agreement between National Human Rights Commission of […]

Another Yongsan disaster? Personal essay after visiting Myungdong district 3

The following is an unauthoritative personal translation of an essay by someone who has some expertise on real estate problem in Korea after visiting the Myungdong district 3 redevelopment site to help readers understand why redevelopment problems happen again and again in Korea. As such, this post can be removed immediately by the request of the original author of […]